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Bajaj Platini PX97 Room Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 Room Cooler

Bajaj Platini Room Cooler Model:- PX97 Room Cooler, 36-Litre, White Lowering the temperature in your home is always a priority once the hot, humid days of summer show up on your doorstep.  It runs quietly and smoothly on environmentally-friendly keep the air fresh and cool. ...

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Crompton Marvel PAC201 Personal Cooler

Crompton Marvel PAC 201 20- Liter Evaporative Air Personal Cooler - White Description: The Crompton ACGC -PAC 201 Cooler highlights brilliant honeycomb for an effective cooling execution. It has a reduced and lightweight plan for convenience. With an air toss separation of up to 20 feet, this ...

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Symphony Ice Cube XL i 17-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Air Cooler (White)-For small room Model:- Ice Cube XL i When you’re seeking relief from the unbearable summer heat it’s comforting to know you’re just a touch away with this well-designed portable air conditioner. The environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient model is efficient for ...

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Bajaj PC2012 Room Cooler

Bajaj PC2012 Room Cooler

Bajaj PC2012 Room Cooler 20 liter, (White) Description: The exquisite Bajaj pc 2012 symbol air cooler will enable you to appreciate cool wind in summer, the Bajaj air cooler has a substantial water tank limit of 17 liters; it has intense wind stream with air conveyance of 2040 cubic meters ...

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Kenstar Snowcool Desert Cooler

Kenstar  Snowcool Desert Cooler 55 litre, White Description: The Type of cooler is Desert Cooler The Brand of cooler is Kenstar The Model is KCL TRF1 W-FCA The Tank Capacity is 55 Liters The speed modes are Low, Medium and High The speed of cooler is 1400 rpm The Air thrown ...

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